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Saturday 23 JULY  


Singer-Songrapper Snelle (Lars Bos) signed with AT Bookings in 2017 as young talent. In 2018 he was featured on 101Barz, where he was awarded by presenter Rotjoch as Holland’s most talented rapper and quickly after this he became famous as a rapper to the general public.


In 2019, Snelle released ‘Scars‘ and gained national fame with his mega-hit ‘Reunion‘. In honor of his twenty-fourth birthday, he also released his album ‘Twenty-Four‘ in the same year, which received gold within 24 hours.


In the following year, Snelle continued his success with the release of the song ‘Smoorverliefd‘. This #1 hit was immediately followed by the next one: ‘17 Miljoen Mensen’ with Davina Michelle, ‘Kleur’, ‘De Overkant’ with Suzan & Freek, ‘In De Schuur‘ with Ronnie Flex and ‘Papa Heeft Weer Wat Gelezen‘ with Thomas Acda. With all these catchy songs, Snelle even became Spotify’s most streamed artist in the Netherlands in 2020.


Snelle continued his success in 2021: He won a Top40 Award for Best Artist and received an Edison nomination in the Pop category. Snelle was also the first Dutch artist to release a documentary on Netflix called ‘Zonder Jas Naar Buiten’. His album ‘Lars‘ with the mega hit ‘Blijven Slapen‘ featuring singer Maan entered the charts at #1 and was the most streamed album of 2021. On top of this,  Snelle started a successful theater tour in October throughout the Netherlands, together with his band ‘De Lieve Jongens’. For this tour, called ‘FF Tussen Ons‘, more than 35,000 tickets were sold.


Snelle started the year 2022 with a sold-out spectacular show in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. This year, he will finish his theater tour, he will perform at three sold-out shows in AFAS Live and together with his band ‘De Lieve Jongens’ Snelle will perform at the bigger festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Today, he is one of the biggest pop artists in the Netherlands.


Be prepared for a roller coaster ride, because Snelle his performance at REFEST will be one you won’t easily forget!

saturDAY 23 JULY


Starting from a young age, Antoon was focused on only one goal: to become a musician. In 2020, he was the first artist to sign with Big2’s label Dreamteam Music and released his debut album ‘De Nacht Is Van Ons’. 


Antoon went all out with his hit ‘Hyperventilatie‘ which has already reached 26 million (!) streams and also received a gold record for it. He received massive radio support in the Netherlands and reached 59 million streams in 2021. And to make it even crazier, Antoon also completely sold out Paradiso (Amsterdam), Paard (The Hague), 013 (Tilburg), and many more venues in the Netherlands.


The 19-year-old artist hails from the Hoorn area and began playing drums and classical piano at a young age. At the age of fifteen he dropped out of high school to become the youngest candidate ever to be accepted at the Herman Brood Academy.


From that moment on, Antoon mixed in his productions the 80’s/Disco influences he got from home with EDM and later on he also started to add HipHop influences. This resulted in his own unique style which is a combination of HipHop and Pop music

saturday 23 JULY


Boef doesn’t need an introduction. The French-Algerian rapper and vlogger has been an established name in the Dutch rap scene since his Zonamo-session in 2015 and his debut EP ‘Gewoon Boef’ in February 2016.


A sequel was inevitable: Boef has a YouTube channel with more than 820.000 followers and hundreds of thousands of views on each vlog and dropped his debut album ‘Slaaptekort’ in March 2017. With this album, he sold platinum, gained hundred million streams and became the #28 most streamed artist worldwide on the weekend of the album release.


And it didn’t stop there: With several album singles he sold platinum and/or multiple platinum and the music video of his track ‘Habiba’ became one of the best viewed Dutch video clips of all time with more than 59 million views. And if this wasn’t enough, Boef has teamed up with Sony for a sales and distribution deal.


At the beginning of 2020, the documentary ‘Gewoon Boef’ was released, in which we get a look into Sofian’s life and get to know the rapper better. The documentary was the most streamed Videoland-documentary ever within 24 hours. If you haven’t watched it, it’s certainly worth your time!


In July 2020, Boef dropped his second studio album ‘Allemaal Een Droom’ with featurings of Ronnie Flex, Ashafar, Dopebwoy and international superstar Tory Lanez. With this album, he broke the Spotify record for most listened album in 24 hours with almost 5 million streams. In addition, Boef ended up in the top 20 most listened artists of that day worldwide.

Saturday 23 JULY  


Born and raised on the mean streets of Westwijk Lommel, Hakimm aka Kifesh, aka Chief Kifesh aka so many aka’s started his musical journey when he was young, he doesn’t remember at what age. But one day he was slapped by his dad. It was at this moment that Hakimm knew he wanted to be part of ‘The Scene’.


He did various pre-opening warm up sets in clubs but now that he thinks about it, those doors never actually opened. The club was closed at that moment. He did however play at several venues hosting major names such as… (well, he doesn’t remember that either but just imagine some major names), and many more.


In 2011, he took a step back from DJ’ing to look for a real job (like his dad told him to) So he went looking for a good and decent job that pays well and where you can build a successful career in the world of (social)media. Lol.


After receiving zero offers, Hakimm released zero tracks, joined zero labels who helped distribute zero releases.


Hakimm still asks his dad for advice, and still gets slapped ‘cause of stupid questions. So, he went to is mom… And got slapped harder for snitching on his dad.

Hakimm is a fighter and has been enjoying life since 1989. He has 6 haters and always tries to make a cool vibe while perfecting his craft.


zoey hasselbank

Zoey Hasselbank started her career in 2015 and managed to put her print in the biggest Belgian clubs. Her musical universe is mainly dark and trill US Hip-Hop.


Thanks to her good knowledge of the hip-hop culture and by freestyling during her sets she can adapt like no other and anticipate to the crowd. This allows her to create a atmosphere where she can answer to anyone’s needs and bring the venue into her magical musical world.


Not only is she a club DJ. She also does many gigs for corporate events for several brands in the fashion industry.


Zoey is also the tour DJ of the French singing artist ‘Shay’.

Saturday 23 July  

Yung mavu

Belgian hiphop artist Yung Mavu went viral in 2017 with his first single ‘Black Magic’, a Harry Potter-inspired rap he wrote himself which instantly broke national ànd international YouTube records.


After this, Yung Mavu has quickly risen up the ranks as Europe’s Golden Boy with his unique flow and rap style. With songs such as ‘Madonna‘, ‘Nobody Like You‘ and ‘Yaya Touré‘ he has collected millions of streams. Together with producer Chuki Beats he just released the new project ‘Matter Of Time 2’.



With more than 15 years of dj experience and more than 1000 shows, Eagl is ready to lit up our stage! Although rooted in hip hop music, you’ll quickly see him playing a high power set without any labels. Co-founding Onbespreekbaar in 2020, a huge mental health platform, Eagl has one goal: Connecting with the audience with heaps of  positive energy and a feel-good mentality.



The Congolese rapper Frenetik from Brussels might be only 21 years old, but raps with an experience of someone much older. He sees, experiences and feels things with great intensity, which is why he manages to touch his audience time and time again. His music? A spectrum of emotions, ranging from dark to light, that time and again shock, touch and intrigue…but never leave you indifferent.


And that’s exactly what rap means to Frenetik: The art of using words to tell the truth, just like the artists did that inspired him during his childhood (Lino, G.A.N., Youssoupha,…) and the real American hip-hop icons (Nas, Tupac, Biggie) who he heard daily at home.


During a freestyle session he met the group Jeunes Boss, and soon they decided to work together to create a new sound. From the first song – La Matrice – the style was immediately clear: a heavy voice, sharp lyrics, a modern style and this without giving in to popular trends. And with results, because the BlueSky label (Gianni, LMB, Heezy Lee,…) signed them shortly after his.


In 2020, Frenetik released ‘Brouillon‘. A very successful first release with rock solid songs like Virus BX19, Disorder and Trafic: Each of them sharp songs that bring a new, fresh wind within the French rap scene and with which he won two prestigious ‘Colors’ freestyles.  Infrarouge‘, a track he performed for one of these sessions, has already reached 1.4 million views and is also the first single from his latest project ‘Jeu de couleurs‘. Meanwhile, the Brussels rapper has also signed to Sony’s new subsidiary label ‘Epic Records’.


‘Jeu de Couleurs’ is for Frenetik the way to show his identity to the world: Throughout the 14 tracks, the rapper uses different voice timbres to portray his emotions, which are often very dark. For the production, Frenetik surrounded himself with the crème de la crème of the industry such as NegDee, Twinsmatic, Chuki Beats, Dolfa, BBL, MOC, Guapo du Soleil, Richie Beats, La Miellerie and even Sofiane Parmart.


Frenetik is on his way to become the next big thing on the Belgian hip-hop scene, will definitely light up our stage!



A 21-year-old passionate deejay from Kortrijk, steadily but surely taking over Belgium! Kestified seamlessly combines everything that has a great groove. From broken beat to jazz, from hip hop to house, … as long as it’s good music. This results in wild, interesting, and very energetic DJ sets. While he seems to be losing his mind behind the DJ booth, his mixing skills remain widely known and his track selection always stays on point.


DJ Yones

DJ YONES is a Belgian dj & entrepreneur with Moroccan roots. He is best known for his great energy and wide range of music.


The way he mixes different genres will amaze you every time. From new & old school Hip Hop/RnB to Dancehall and Dutch vibes, as well as Electronic Dance Music with a taste of House, he can do it all. They say he’s comparable to a chameleon, because he can adapt to any crowd.


Starting in 2016, Yones had the opportunity to perform on various occasions. From party, entertainment to business.


He is also resident DJ at one of the biggest Belgian clubs named Carré. Besides that he also rotates between other well known clubs in the country.


In 2018, he went on an European Tour with The Underachievers where he performed as the supporting act in countries like France, UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Norway and Czech-Republic…..



He already climbed the stage on major festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond. On the 23rd of July, he will take the stage at REFEST and make it an unforgettable party!